Areas of activity

Areas of activity

Studio Pisciotta has always been by its clients’ side, assisting them earnestly and diligently, tailoring on and for each of them the most appropriate solution. It has been its business to back up at the best of its knowledge its clientele, to guide them on through the constantly evolving of the Italian legislation, helping them to endure throughout the extremely complex Italian bureaucracy legislation system.
Additional details on its Professional Figures are provided on this informative brochure.

Legal Advice

Pre-Litigation activity, Audit Assistance, and on supervisory inspections. Preparation of legal defense and instances.

Judicial Legal Assistance, individually or collectively on labor issues, Workplace-Safety, Security and Social security.

Demoting Damage. Aid to workers who have suffered from any unjustified occupation demoting action.

Mobbing damage compensation.

Computing wages and social security contributions due to workers. Computing the right amount of money due to any pension treatment. Classification of workers.

Juridical Representation and legal defense. Calculation of figurative contributions, voluntary contributions, life permanently annuity, redemptions and reunification retirement plan, tax contribution relief, relief from Social Security contribution. Social security benefits, Welfare benefits, and Maternity benefits.

Legal Assistance and Legal Defense on Injuries occurring at work, diseases caused by the nature of work, disability pension.

Objection to Tax Assessments tax payments warnings, notices of charges.


Pre – Litigation: Assistance throughout inspections visits from Italian officers of the Financial Administration “Guardia di Finanza”.

Taxes settlements. Carrying cross examination before tax officers bodies. Legal assistance and defense before provincial or regional tax committees on:

  • tax bills, distraints and mortgage registrations notifications.
  • Assessment charges, Administrative Detention, Mortgage registrations fees.
  • Assessed charges emitted by the Italian Revenue Agency on VAT, PIT, Corporate Tax, and IRAP (regional tax on the production activity).
  • Charges on Registered Taxes, property and Cadastral Mortgage taxes, IHT inheritance tax.
  • Charges on IMU, TARES/TARI, COSAP/TOSAP, and minor local taxes.
  • Precautionary measures on imposed sanctions.

Party Appointed Experts (PTC) on taxes disputes

Legal guidance from a business activation phase onto its winding stage.

Supporting Companies through the hardship of decision making and its legal implications.

Legal consultation on the action liability attributed to the administrator and or the partners of Companies.

Developing of organizational models in accordance with the D.lgs. 231/2001 c.d.: corporate bodies administrative liability.

Drafting of Business Contracts: Employment Contracts, Agencies, Bids, Company Lease and Sale, Loan for Use, Franchising, Leasing, Renting, Freight, Usufruct, Sale.

Legal aid in on Judicial Liquidation.

Disputes on the timing applications were to be submitted to obtain access to the Company Passive State.

Opposition to adverse proceedings to the Passive State and to the allotment projects.

Withdrawal of credit proceedings.

Judicial Liquidation revocation.

Opposition to mal proceedings of the concordance with the creditors of the Judicial Liquidation agreements on winding – up procedure of companies.

Debt and its collection service in accordance with creditors as prevented in the agreement.

Just monetary compensation as promoted by the governmental bodies that regulate insolvency proceedings.

Recovery Plans and restructuring agreements.

Legal aid on Criminal Associated Aspects.

Initiations of Judicial Liquidation procedures on preventive agreement as ruled by Law.

Out of Court settlement and private debts rescheduled installments.

Assistance on Legal Judicial Liquidation proceedings and negative assessment of dimensional requirements.




Amicable settlement debt collection through emissions of formal and defaulted notices.

Legal aid on injunctions and opposition procedures.

Judiciary guidance during the executive trial.

Real Estate foreclosure and also on third parties.

Interventions in order to prevent expropriation.

Objections to Executions.

Objection to the executive act and that of the precept.



Guidance through the activation of loans, leasing and factoring contracts.

Exceeding and usurious interest.

Consultancy to banks, financial groups and debt managing agencies.

Juridical help on banking and financial issues such as: Mortgages, Factoring, Leasing, and Consumer Credit.

Banking Litigation inherent to Anatocism, Usury, Ultra Legal interest, Maximum Overdraft fee CMS. Void of financial investments contracts.

Bank Transfers and or Purchases of NPL Non- Performing Loan, Securitization, Due Diligence.

Legal defense on the following:

  • inheritance and wills
  • real estate rights (property, area, easements, dwelling, usufruct, communion and possession)
  • new building registration Deeds and damage dreaded.
  • debt

Arrears and debt collecting.

Eviction notices or end of lease license.

Assistance in executive proceedings on forced property release.

Condominium disputes (use of common areas, incorrect or   un-fair expenditure allocations, neighborhood relations, etc…).

Drafting of condominium rules and regulations.

Condominium or multi-condominium dissolution.

Shareholders meeting resolutions.

Legal defense on liability of the administrator.

Accounts revision and condominium budgets.

Legal defense on road accidents damages.

Media assault protection of any individual’s reputation.

Protection from parental damage due to serious medical conditions or murder of spouse (road accidents, felony murder, manslaughter, disease caused by the nature of work) and patrimonial aspects.

Blood transfusion Damage.

Medical mal- practice and surgery damage claims.

Sexual harassment damage claims.

Compensation for patrimonial damage due to interruption or construction losses.

Payment proceeding id est for Judiciary Injunctions-subpoena for damages compensation. Ex art. 1218 c.c., 2043 cc. e 2051 c.c.

Consumer protection with emphasis on passengers’ rights reported by the international guarantees approved by Montreal Convention and by the European Rules and regulations of 2004/261.


Fraudulent financial reporting, social communications, relations and communications in auditing firm.

Uneven distribution of profits or corporate assets from liquidators.

Fictitious generation of share capital.

Breach of trust.


Legal assistance on fraudulent Statements supported by falsified invoices or documentations demonstrating non-existing transactions.

Fraudulent tax Statements through false hood.

Omitted or falsified income tax Statement.

Invoices or other documentation of non-existing transactions.

Concealment or destruction of accounting documents.

Omitted deposit of certified withholding taxes.

Omitted VAT deposit.

Undue compensation.

Legal aid on individuals declaring Judicial Liquidation or (Creditors Judicial Liquidation Trustee etc.) on the following crimes:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Fraudulent bankruptcy
  • Improper use of credit
  • Non-existent creditors’ report
  • Applications for admission of mock credits
  • Unauthorized practice of business activity.

Offences against public Authority:

  • Bribery
  • peculation
  • corruption
  • embezzlement
  • abuse of office
  • omission of documented deeds

Assistance, representation and Legal Defence on:

  • Waste management, littering, and illegal trade waste
  • Unauthorized activities
  • Environmental, pollution and its damages
  • Crime of impeding control
  • Confiscation
  • Omitted decontamination
  • Violation of the Dlg. 152/2006 “discharge of industrial wastewater”
  • General violation of the Dlg. 152/2006
  • Violation of the rules and regulations of the Consolidated Construction Law.

Civil and criminal guidance on:

  • illegal records and injunctions on labelling, food traceability and violation of the EEC regulation regarding food legislation
  • poor food preservation
  • crimes from violating the EEC regulation regarding food legislation.

Legal defense on separation and divorce (consensual or Judicial), as regulated by art. 737 code of civil procedures:

Paternity claim;

Administration support.

Labour consulting and work organization

Employer registration to Social Security and Welfare Institutions.

National Labor Contract (CCNL). Its application and interpretation.

Recruitment letters and individual employment Contracts.

Drafting of the possible clauses for Part-time workers’ contracts.

Payroll processing, and administration of employees.

On-line payment of F24 Model.

Systemic study of the credit facilities for social security contributions to be reduced in Personnel costs.

Self-liquidation of INAIL premium.

Transmission of CU forms.

Transmission of taxes with Holding Model 770.

DURC Model request.

Redundancy fund and mobility procedures.

Evaluations on Personnel costs.

Labor Union Guidance.

Obligations to be met by Law on Work Safety D.lgs. 81/2008.

Drafting of second level Business Contracts as provided by the “Proximity Contracts” Law N. 148/211.

Assistance on-site Inspection Labor Visit or Social Security Officers visits.

Quantifying Wages and Contribution differences on arbitrary settlements or by legal dispute.



Prevention and Protection Services (RSPP) provided for any ATECO sectors if appointed as an external technician.

Preliminary Verification on the normative Conformity State of the Company. Programming adjustments and improvements actions.

Assessment of the workplace health and safety condition and its any existing risks. Composition of the DVR document.

Assessment of specific risks. Drafting of the relative document (risk assessment report).

Drafting Working Procedures.

Choise of Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) and Safety visible signage for the Company’s production facility.

Preventive measures to improve the safety – work-environment and its monitoring.

Periodic inspections assuring that the legislation of the risk document (RA) is updated.

Keeping the correct management. Documentation checks, composition of DUVRI.

Administration of training courses on risks (chemicals noise risk, ergonomics Visual display Terminals VDT), and on specific work-skills- applying to appointed firefighters.

Organization of meetings on the employer behalf aiming to furnish rules on prevention and protection.

Organization of the annual emergency-fire simulation and evacuation practice.

Generating activities aiming to reduce the insurance INAIL premium.

Carrying relations with government bodies for their specific competences.

Phono metric measurement to evaluate noise impact-risk.

Measurement of the level of risk on workers’s health who are to be long exposed to electrical machines.

Design, and maintenance of business system for Quality. Management, in conformity with the standard UNI EN ISO 9001.

Design and maintenance of business system for environment management in accordance with the standard UNI EN ISO 14001or with the European EMAS Regulation.

Safety business systems development in accordance with the norms dictated by UNI ISO 45001.

Development of managerial and administrative model according to the Art. 30 of D. Lgs. 81/08 and to the D.M. 13/2/2014.

Designation of managerial model in agreement with the D. Lgs. 231/01.

Managerial systems creations for (EScO) Energy Service Company – UNI CEI 11352.

Drafting of managerial systems for social liability – SA8000®.

Internal audit to verify the efficiency of the business Management System.

Aid through the documentation phase.

Integrated Managerial Systems (Quality-Environment-Safety) can be created ex nihilo or integrating system and procedure already existent or reorganizing them.

Managerial relations with government entities and their specific competences.

Food Safety System provided according to the largest voluntary standards: BRC, IFS, ISO 22000, ISO 22005 etc.

Consultancy to formulate and implement Food Sanitation auto-testing plans, applying the HACCP method.

Guidance during auditing with the National competent community or international authorities.

Verification of business condition to meet the parameters provided by one or more voluntary or binding standards.

Training course tailored on Company’s needs.

Fiscal advisory, accounting consultancy and tax consultancy

VAT registration, Registration to the Chamber of Commerce (CCIAA) Registration to the Social Security Institute (INPS) and to (INAIL) National Insurance Institute for accidents happening at work.

Bookkeeping of simplified and ordinary accounting.

Accounting Support to plan documentation of “Lump-sum regime”.

Company Financial Statement: Its annul supplementary note and other documents supporting the Balance sheet.

Tax return, quantification of taxable income and due taxes.

Annual VAT returns and its periodic settlement communication.

Regional taxes return on produced activities. (IRAP).

Release of the VISA for compensation of tax credits.

On line Payment of F24 Model.

Maintenance of statutory books: Journal, first tax note, Ledger, VAT registers, Depreciable assets registers, etc.

Transmission of INTRASTAT Models.

Transmission Tax Communication (Spesometro).

Documents for the Chamber of Commerce, for the Agriculture and Craft Industry (CCIAA).

Support during inspections from the Financial Administrations Corps, and the Finance Police Unit.

Business Plan.

Due Diligence accounting for the evaluation of companies and their participated shares.

Part Technical Experts on taxes.




Service during incorporation, company changes and its dissolution.

Study on the most suitable corporate model to adopt.

Drafting of deeds of incorporation and of company statutes.

Assistance for corporate structure, its shareholders’ relationships, and their relationship toward the governing bodies.

Financial Statements drafting and the consolidated ones.

Legal aid on shares or quotas of capital increases.

Guidance on companies’ inheritance /generational changing hands and family covenants.

Guidance on mergers, emergers and companies’ systems variations.

Business performance assessment and analysis.

Reorganization of accounting processes within the company.

Judicial liquidation, its asserted negativity of the dimensional requirements as provided by the Judicial Liquidation law.

Corporate Crisis and process of recovering.

Privileged finance with credit institutions.



Controllo legale dei conti.

Voluntary auditing of financial statement and the consolidated financial statement.

Audit of the financial statement and interim financial statements.

Accounting of due diligence inherent to extraordinary transactions.

Review procedures agreed with the client.

Appraisals expertise.

Financial and analysis of the company’s economical tendency.

VAT account activation.

Cash-based- accounting.

Interim taxes simulations.

Fiscal advice.

Income Taxes Returns.

Annual and periodical VAT communication.

IRAP tax returns.

Reliability Indices (ISA).

Intrastat models.

Annual Social Security funds: (Enpap, Inarcassa, Cassa Forense, Enpam, etc…)

On-line payment of F24 model.

Payroll processing and aid in labor issues.

Compliance with the legislation D.lgs.81/2008.” Safety at work”.

Organization of training courses to improve the efficiency of the productivity of Companies.


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