Work with us

Work with us

Pisciotta’s Firm welcomes new applicants addressing its interest and attention on highly interesting curriculums. It will consider attitudes just as important as aptitudes and use the job interview to evaluate the applicants attitudes efficient problem-solving procedures.

The perfect applicant should be able to work under pressure when the need arises, and it shall be appreciated that he or she feels the urge to strive for excellence in every skill endeavor.

Job opportunities

The ideal candidate should meet the following requirements:

  • University degree in Economics, Law studies or Political Science
  • He/She should not be older than 29.
  • Basic knowledge of computer operating systems, and usage of MS Office.

The applicant should be willing to learn, have a strong capacity of adjustment to get along with his/her assigned team. Having penetrating insights into solving problems shall be definitely considered as a plus. He/She will be highly involved with the complexity of labor work issues.
Candidates will be part of an extremely stimulating and challenging work environment.

The copious and diversity clients of the firm guarantee an excellent professional growth.

To apply, send a CV, specifying the consent to the processing of the personal data in accordance with current privacy legislation to

The ideal candidate should meet the following requirements:

  • University degree in Economics, Law studies or Political Science.
  • Significant work experience gained at firms specialized in law, accounting or labor consultancy.
  • Basic knowledge of the most used operating systems, usage of MS Office computer program.

The perfect candidate is a lawyer or a state-chartered accountant. He/she has excellent planning and problem-solving skills and is able to work successfully within a team.

The candidate will join a highly standard and challenging work environment.

Within the Firm and its diversity of clients, it is possible to grow an important and efficient professional skills and competences.

Candidates who satisfy the requirements are welcome to send their CVS specifying their consent to the processing of their personal data in accordance with the current privacy legislation to

Professional activities may suffer from a temporary or definitive suspension due to multiple reasons one them may be the retirement plan of a Professional Figure.

The out-going Professional may decide to transfer his clients to a new coming Professional. Should a change of hands happen an instruction course will be held by the two involved Professional figures. The “new” professional needs to be informed about the clients of the firm. He shall be, in addition, informed about the firm organization and its operating procedures in use.

The sum of “The End of Career” to be paid to the out-coming Professional will be decided upon the transition phases discussed and agreed on by the two Professionals Figures.

As much as the circumstances will allow it, no one employer will lose his/her job “to dis-appoint” a worker from his task could not but lead to inevitable social and financial hardship.

It is the Firm commitment to comply with the principal of continuity.

Should the reader be an accountant, a labor consultant, a lawyer, and or have a Data Processing Center and wishes to sell his firm, he shall not hesitate to send us to our office an e-mail to