Psychologist Bonus? Here it Comes.

Psychologist Bonus? Here it Comes.

Finally, almost after a year of waiting the bonus psychologist is here. It can be used for psychotherapy sessions to win stress, anxiety and depression post- Covid pandemic.

Following approval by the Regions, the Minister of Health, Orazio Schillaci, signed the decree issued by Mef which defines the delivery of the fund. To obtain the contribution, the citizens must apply through the Inps digital platform. Inps will provide the information necessary to apply for the fund within the next 30 days or in two months. If approved the bonus can only be used within 270 days of its issuance.

The Bonus can be granted only once; and its import is a maximum of:

  • 1. 500 € for income with an inferior Isee of 15.000 € (up to 50 € for each attended session),
  • 1. 000 € for income with Isee ranging between 15.000 and 30.000 € (up to 50 € for each attended session),
  • 500 € for income with Isee superior to 30 thousand euro and inferior to 50 thousand euro (up to 50 euro for each attended session)

Inps will draw up the rankings, which will be subdivided for regions, to identify the beneficiaries according to the available few funds.

Only 5 million of euro have been allocated for the year 2023 and 8 million of euro for the year 2024, a sum sufficient to grant the bonus to less than 8.000 Italians. In the year 2022, only 40,000 applications were accepted of the 400.000 applicants and the funds available back then were 25 million of euros.

Given the fact that the bonus can reach up to 1500 euro and not 600 euro any longer, the number of the virtual beneficiaries can be reduced.

The parliament wants to increase the money allocated for the bonus and probably this December government financial maneuver will be able to slightly modify it.

The President of the Senators of Forza Italia, Ms. Licia Ronzulli, has proposed to triple the sum from 5 to 15 million and eventually reaching the 40 million in the year 2024. The Pd (Democratic Party) has proposed an increase of the funds to 50 million for both years.

The so wanted psychologist Bonus has been sustained by rapper Fedez who has been collecting more than 300 signatures. Mr. Minister Schillaci has stated that the bonus is only the iceberg of a broader project which is to aim to have more structures and such health services in the territory to promote the culture of the mental health.

Palermo, Rome, December 4th 2023

Mr. Angelo Pisciotta